Sta. Monica Parish, Panay Capiz


The three century old church was reconstructed because it is in the deplorable condition. Weeds and fungi had slowly deteriorated its walls. Because of changing weather and climate, it produce cracked surfaces. Bats and other creatures had transformed the parish as their own filthy shelter.The roofing system was about to collapse.

On April18,2001,Very Rev.Msgr. Benjamin F. Advincula,P.C. was appointed as parish priest of Panay he decided to start the renovation work of the said parish.
On June 10,2001 the Php13.5 million project "Restore Panay Church" was launched. The roofing system was demolished. Wooden trusses were change into steel and the corroded G.I. sheets were replaced with CPAC Monier roof tiles. In 2004 came another recognition.

The Parochial Church of Sta.Monica of the historic town of Panay, "the best preserved complex in the province and boast of the biggest bell in the country," had been chosen as one of the26 churches with the distinction as National Cultural Treasure by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.

On December 2004, the blessing of the just renovated  belfry, the repository of the biggest bell in Asia,which weighs 183 arrobas (10.4 tons or 23,00lbs)took place.